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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018-The Best Work Fom Home Business Opportunity

wa_starter_650x255Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Price: Premium Membership, $49/month OR $359/year (Join Here)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100
Who it’s for: Beginners – Expert



Since I left the revshares Systems in June 2016 ,  I looked to find Tjhe Best Work From Home Business Opportunity.  One day I saw a review about Wealthy Affiliate. What is Wealthy Affiliate? Is it legit? Is it another Scam? Let’s take a tour about that.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Network of Internet Marketing  experts who Offers you an Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.The founders Kyle and Carson have made it their goal to share all their know-how with people who really want to earn money online. Online since 2005 , the Community grows day by day.wa_starter_650x255

There are 2 Memberships in Wealthy Affiliate. We will take a closer look at
these a little bit later.

Learn how to find a Niche , build a Website or everything about SEO. Everything is included in WA. People blog daily , share their experience and ask questions. if you have any questions , be sure they will be answered into this awesome Community.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich overnight System. It is an Affiliate Marketing Course. If you are on this page and look to make Money over night , so leave it , Wealthy Affiliate won’t be for you. But if you are coachable and realy want to learn how to make money Online , so keep reading and I am sure you will love it.

PROS by Wealthy Affiliate

  • High Quality “Getting Started” training
  • Tons of Videos , Courses and Tutorials that helps you growing your Business
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • A Community with over 100.000 Members.
  • 2 serious Founders that are will getting you to your success.
  • Over 13 Classrooms filled with teaching materials.
  • Regulary Updates on Videos Courses and Tutorials
  • Live Support between members
  • As a free member you get 2 FREE Websites
  • Fast hosting of your Website
  •  $0 Startup Fee


  • The Only Cons are that Wealthy Affiliate makes you addicted learning everyday new Stuff


wapic1Everybody who is will to learn making money online , is on the safe site with Wealthy Affiliate. WA provides you with training courses , tutorials , live videos , that have never been seen before. If you are coachable and serious interested making money , Wealthy Affiliate is for you. As I mentioned it before , if you look to get rich overnight , pass this System.


With Wealthy Affiliate you will get organized Courses , Tutorials Classrooms  , weekly Live Video Courses and much more. Every Classroom is Categorized into the following Categories:

  • Getting Started
  • WA Affiliate Programm
  • Keyword , Niche and Market Research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring and Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Engagement and Marketing
  • Website Developement and Programing
  • Local Marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Pay Per Click Marketing

Each Classroom reveals you a different Online Business that you can use making money online.  this is one of 100’s good reasons to join Wealthywapic2 Affiliate today. I think if I write down everything , it would takes me days to give you other reasons. Wealthy Affiliate is a Team , we work together.Nobody is alone.


The support is one of the best that I have ever seen. You gett suport 24/7/365. Ask a question inside the Community , your answer is guaranteed. Come into our live chat or even contact Kyle and Carson. You will get your answer fast. No one leaves you alone in Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate has 2 Memberships:

  1. The Starter membership
  2. The Premium membership

Starter membership:

When you join this Membership you will get access to the live chat , access to more then 500 training modules , 3 classrooms , you can comment on others Profile. You will also get 2 Websites and access to the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool. And much more :).

I have never seen so a powerfull FREE Membership like Wealthy Affiliate have. You need just join to see that I am right.

Premium Membership:

If you decide to go Premium ( it is not a must) , you will get access to the whole System that includes 50 Websites , all 7 Phases of the Affiliate Bootcamp , Live Video classes , higher Payouts on the Sales you make and much more.


Join Wealthy Affiliate today for $0 and complete your profil , it is very simple. Once you have joined I will get in touch with you to give you more infos about WA.

How to get your Bonus?

When you join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE today and you decide to become a premium member( it’s not a must , but would help you going forward) within 7 days , you will get a 59% discount of your first month Membership. So you only need to pay $19 for the first month. I am sure you will love it. If not you can come back to me and let me know why 🙂 .

Join Wealthy Affiliate today , it is FREE



No Work , no Money. that is in real life the case. And that doesn’t change Online. You have to work for your success. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most trusted Affiliate Marketing “University” that I’ve seen Online. If you are serious making Money , you should join it. I have learned a lot so far , so if I do , why not you. Get in into your Financial freedom , spend more time with Family , make more holidays. Wealthy Affiliate will help you reaching your Goals.




10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018-The Best Work Fom Home Business Opportunity

  1. Hey Damien!
    You did an awesome job reviewing WA. It definitely seems like there’s nothing to lose and is legitimate. Love how you mentioned that WA is international and not just a national community that continues to grow. Great ending too. People tend to think there’s less work when working at home but that’s not the case. You really do have to put effort into your work, and thank goodness WA is available to help. Great job!

    1. Hi Kate.
      Thank you very much. I much appreciated your Feedback. I spend a few time to Review it. I started , after i delteted because it wasn’t good enough for me. I think I spend 3 hours making this review lol. Yeah , too much people think that money comes in overnight , unfortunately isn’t that true. Too much give up before they start , because they don’t want to work for it . Wealthy Affiliate is the best I’ve ever seen. And a great support :).
      Keep it on 🙂

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  3. Hi Damien,
    I too am a member with Wealthy Affiliate and I have to say their support is first class.
    I have asked questions in their live chat box and received instant answers and more detailed questions written out for the community. It always amazes me how many responses I receive by the community offering help.
    Couple that with the huge library with help and training topics and the help by the founder members what more could anyone wish for.
    Good luck with your role,

    1. Hi Simon.
      Yeah WA is very Powerfull. I had never so a fast support like Wealthy Affiliate. We are never lost there , even if we have an issue , there is ever a solution given.
      Keep working on your goals . We all will reach them 🙂

  4. Hi Damien,

    Nice review you got there. What I like most is your personal story on how you left Revshares and found out WA. I’m sure many people can relate to your story. A lot of them will be looking too on what really works, and WA is simply the best to be in.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Rupert. I tried to explain people my story. Ok she is not perfect , I will work for it. I just want that people understand even if someone promise them to get money fast , it isn’t the case. nobody will be rich over night. But that is what people looking for and a lot of them will be scamed. WA is a great opportunity , but trying telling people you have to work for your success is another thing..
      Thank you very much for your feedback. I will check your website also :).

  5. Hi Damien,
    You are so refreshing and very open and honest, your response to Kate and the hours you said it took to find the right words before responding to her email is something I can relate to!! I discovered you on Quora and immediately was interested in reading more about the “Wealthy Affiliate”. I wasn’t looking for anything such as what this course offers, but after reading everything I believe I will be returning soon and pursue this myself. I immediately took a liking to you because of your straightforward and honest comments regarding the overnight & get rich quick schemes, what’s the hurry anyway! One more thing I want to share with you Damien is how impressed I am with your written response on Quora. You see I found Quora quite by accident and unsure of what it’s all about regarding answering someone’s question. I hit the answer button by accident and suddenly I was paralyzed with fear!! My fear of answering something and what if the entire Quora community became so outraged with me, my lack of expertise or experience, who do I think I am answering questions anyway!!
    I’m 62 years old and completely clueless as to how all of this stuff works! The fear and panic I experienced just by hitting the answer button, well if you can do what your doing then I too can do this! I will return soon and begin this journey,

    Thank you,

    1. Hello teri.
      I much appreciated your comment. thank you very much.
      Wealthy is a great Opportunity how to learn making Money Online. Kyle and Carson have 15 years experience in Internet marketing and they are sharing it to us. They also give the opportunity to people that don’t have money to start for free. And there aren’t a lot of Business in the Net offering that. if you wan’t to see how I started Online , just read my About me post and you will understand. trust and honest is very Important in this World , but there are too much scam outside and the good businesses suffering cause of that. Quora is a great site to get answers. But it make me sad when I see that people in their answers are introducing others to scam systems. I got a lot of mails over quora that WA is scam ect. but that is not true. These people are just looking to make money with their scam systems.
      Every body can reach their goals. Just focus on it and you will reach it :). If you have any questions , feel free to send me an email or ask it here in the comments. It will be a pleasure if I can help you.
      Thank you again for your feedback and don’t hesitate to ask questions. I am a 34 years old guy. I am not better then other peoples. We are all the same: Humans 😉


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